Beast Vs. Mblaq or Beast and Mblaq??

This is how I relate Mblaq and Beast:

91-line Maknaes – Mir & Dongwoon
– the big babies that look nothing like maknaes, often bullied by anyang boys & group appas

Anyang Boys – Seungho & Junhyung
– the group amma’s who nag everyone and say they have no aegyo; comes with luscious lips

Muscle Pabbos – Lee Joon & Gikwang
– the first ones you notice because they are usually shirtless, are known to be the clueless members

Pretty Boys – Lee Joon & Hyunseung
– the cute but sexy at the same time boys, also known for being clueless & daydreamers

Visual Maknaes – Cheondoong & Yoseob
– the squishiest members of the group, that seem to never age

Group Appas – G.O & Doojoon
– collaborate with anyang boys to take care of the group, and make sure maknaes get a daily dose of bullying

cr: godwoon Tumblr, Hyun Seung (장현승)@ facebook

“ada2 aja.. ckckck”

Fanyoyung ^^V